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Wireless conection

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Registered: 25-08-2007

Wireless conection

I have recently purchased a laptop which came with a D-Link, 802.11b lan cardbus adapter.
Gowd was I puzzled by this, stupid me thought I'd just be able to conncet to the intrenet.

As am about to go on holiday to Ireland I would appreciate any advice from the experts please.

Of course I want to be able to connect to the internet to retrieve my e-mail and such like.

Any help will be appreciated

Regards Chris
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Registered: 30-07-2007

Wireless conection

You may find that your hotel has wireless internet access (the one I stayed at in Dublin did). Dublin airport is a wireless hotspot for sure.
I had to search for the connection using the software provided with my wireless card (I think in Dublin it is Eircom), when selected, if you open your browser it will take you to the providers home page. From there you can purchace internet time, I am not sure, but from memory I think it was around £5.00 for one hour (I may be wrong about that!). At Manchester airport you can access information from the airport website (flight times etc. ) but everything else must be paid for.

I hope this helps,