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Wireless access abroad


Wireless access abroad

I have activated Wireless on my account as i was told by plusnet that i could use it in Europe, but looking through these forums i found that there was a huge debate on this. There doesnt appear to have been a firm answer, so does anyone know if i can use wireless in Europe?

And as i am new to using a laptop and wireless...Can anyone recommend any security measures? Will i need additional security other than Norton on my Laptop to connect to a WiFi spot safely?

Thanks in advance!
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Wireless access abroad

Our service is only available at actual BT Openzone hotspots, and not hotspots of their partners. I don't believe BT Openzone have any of their own hotspots overseas, so that would mean that you would be unable to use your Wireless Broadband service outside the UK.

We're looking at ways we can extend the availability of our wireless broadband service to partner hotspots right now, so watch this space over the coming months.

Wireless access abroad

I don't personally like Norton (or McAfee) all that much, but it'll do the job.

The most important point to ensure is that you have a running firewall, if you've got that the risk of contracting a virus or spyware is probably no greater than home (providing you're using a trusted wireless access point).

Do be aware that anything you send over unencrypted wireless is visible to anyone within range who has installed freely available software- this applies to e-mails, usernames, passwords, instant messages, the webpages you are viewing and the files you are downloading.

Banking is usually safe provided you're using an SSL connection to the sites (URL begins https:// and padlock appears in address/status bar) and Gmail does allow you to encrypt your sessions if you visit via the link I have provided (otherwise Gmail will authenticate you securely but revert to standard http for the rest of your session).

If you're concerned about this then, short of not using public hotspots, the only way to secure your data is to use a service like HotspotVPN where all your data is encrypted through to their servers.

Wireless access abroad

Both very helpful, thanks