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Wireless Router Setup - Help needed.

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Registered: 31-07-2007

Wireless Router Setup - Help needed.

Just bought a router/Modem - Micradigital F57630uk4A-E model. I'm having a problem with the setup. The computer won't allow me to see the router webpage. I try typing the required number in and nothing!

I'm now back on my binatone hard-wired model to try & find some help.

I've followed the instructions Exactly.

Do I have to delete the broadband connection in the networks connection folder and allow it to create a new one, or will the one already setup be sufficient?


Wireless Router Setup - Help needed.

I dont know the router its a rare one but the principals are the same. First use a network cable not a wireless for the setup.

Turn the router on before the pc. start the pc goto start then run and type cmd in the box then type ipconfig /all.

You should get a list which will include the ip address and the default gateway. The default gateway should be the same address as you are told to type in the browser. If it isnt type ipconfig /renew then ipconfig /all again until its correct.

Are you sure the network adapter is enabled in the bios?

Now type the address into the browser as per instructions. If it dosnt load choose internet option in IE then connections and untick dial default connection. The reason you may not connect is its trying to dial up first.

That should get you going. If it doesnt work then post results of ipconfig /all and any errors