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Wireless Networking Problem - Please Help!


Wireless Networking Problem - Please Help!

I have got a problem trying to share files between two pcs on my wireless network and although I have searched in the forum and on other webpages for help and guides, I still can't seem to get it to work.

I have got the following...

Desktop PC
Windows XP PRO
Belkin USB Wireless Adaptor

Windows XP Home
Centrino wireless card

Both these pcs are connected to a the following router...

'NETGEAR DG834PN RangeMax ADSL Modem Wireless Router'

Both the pc and the laptop are connected to the router with WPA and both can connect to the internet without problems and can also connect ad-hoc and share files fine. However I thought that through the router/gateway, the pcs should be able to share files/folders as well as connect to the pc, but it seems not.

I have deactivated both the windows xp firewall and also my Mcafee firewall on both of them, set up the selected folders that I wish to share for file sharing, run the wizards for setting up a network but it just doesn't work.

What I have noticed is that when I click on 'My Network Places' from my laptop, sometimes (after a long while searching) I can see the desktop pc, but if I try and enter I just get the typical message saying that the network isn't accessible & the network path not found.

If I click on my network places with the desktop, it never detects anything and just ends with the same message.

Has anybody got any ideas as to what I haven't done or am doing wrong?


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Wireless Networking Problem - Please Help!

Hi Gary

There is a similar discussion going on Here that may be of some help to you


Wireless Networking Problem - Please Help!

As stated on the other forum. Check
the router sid is the same name as the workgroup.
you logon both pc's with the same username and passwored.
Make sure you have shared a directory and set the permissions are set to everyone.

In explorer make sure you have turned off simple file sharing tools/folder options then view untick simple file sharing.

Check both pc's with ipconfig /all and make sure both have similar ips

Try connecting via the command line with

net use p: \\pcname\c$ or

net use p: \\pcs ip\c$

This assumes you have logged on with the same username and password on both pc's and that the account has admin rights.

Can you ping the other pc by name and ip? If you can ping only by ip then use the second command to connect.