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Wireless Card Drivers


Wireless Card Drivers

I don't suppose anybody knows where I can download the drivers for the

UTstarcom wnic1015 802.11b wireless network pcmcia card

do you?

I have had to install windows on my laptop again, so that I can use it on the college network, however I didn't realise before I did this that I don't actually have the drivers for my wifi card
I can't find the flippin things anywhere.... Sad

Atheros Client Utility


Check your card if it's Atheros based, if yes you can download the Atheros Client Utility from another card producer and use that driver.

I have got a Netgear and an Edimax 108 G card, the both based on the same Atheros chip and I use the Edimax driver for both which is practically the orogonal Atheros Client Utility because it's much better than the original Netgear driver.

I hope it helps,