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Hi. I just bought a Datel WiFI MAX Dongle so that I could connect my Wii and DS to the internet.

...However it isn't working as it should - I CAN'T access the internet at all with it. Sad

My current internet connection is via the Voyager 105 modem that Plusnet supplied me with when I signed up about two-and-a-half years ago. I know nothing about WiFi and just thought I could plug this Dongle thing into my computer and it would work.

Unfortunately this isn't the case, and I'm constantly being told that there is "No Signal" and "Limited or no connectivity".

The instructions with the product were rubbish as well - they assume that the Dongle always works and offer little in the way of support. I have emailed the company but there has been no reply after two days (Although its the weekend so thats probably why! Tongue)

I don't know how the moderators feel about pictures on the forums so here's some links to pictures I've taken of my problem:

No Connection

Windows Won't Let Me Connect

My connection shows up as Wireless network 3 because I have tried reinstalling the program several times in case that made it work.

I've also been advised by a friend that I need to bridge the connection, but unfortunately this is impossible as my connection is listed as a dial-up connection rather than a high speed line, and you can't bridge such connections. Sad

No Bridge Option

Anyone know what my 1394 connection is in the pic above as well? :?

I'd also like to find out what my wep number is. The program asks me to put one in during the set up but I was never given one. There isn't anything in the box nor on the device about this either.

Anyways, if anyone knows anything about getting Dongles to work, then your help would be very much appreciated. :mrgreen:
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You need a wireless router to connect it to. From what I can see, the BT Voyager 105 modem does not have wireless capabilities.
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This is true, Im afraid. The dongle just allows you to connect to a wireless router, or an existing wireless access point that already exists. The WEP key will be on the wireless router or in the router settings, for example, mine is listed on the rear of the router itself. It is an encrytion to stop unauthorised people helping themselves to your broadband connection.

Hope this helped.



Now see this is what I don't understand. The instructions do NOT mention that you need a router - they specifically state that all you need is a broadband internet connection.

I bought the Dongle purely because of this - if I need a router, that's what? Another 40 quid I need to spend?

If what you are saying is true, then I am going to complain to the company that made this device. They are falsely advertising it and have inaccurate instructions.

Thanks for your help guys, although I don't want to spend 40 quid! Tongue
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Re: Wii

Anyone know what my 1394 connection is in the pic above as well? :?

That is the firewire port that you have on your PC. It can also work as a network connection.

As for images on the forum, we prefer linked images as you have done, as dial-up users can choose if they want to download the image. Otherwise the general rule is that the image should not be so large as to distort the forum layout.



I dont think you will get far complaining as no wireless network card will say it needs a router as it something the assume everyone knows. You could complain to the place you bought it from for not explaining it to you.

You can get a wireless router for about £40 or less on Ebay I got one for £15 Make sure it has a modem built in. You could get away with getting a dongle/wireless card for your pc and connect to the internet via the pc but its hard to do if you dont know about networking. You would have to have the pc on to connect with the Wii
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Datel WiFI MAX Dongle
This link says at the bottom "It's the ultimate device for internet surfing without a WiFi router!" If it asked for a WEP key on setup couldn't he just make one up and enter the same one into the Wii?


Have you followed these instructions


Don't assume anything - make something idiot proof, and someone will make a better idiot! I'm that idiot, apparently. Shockedops: :lol:

Anyways, I've sent the Dongle back. It simply will not work. I instead opted to buy a Wireless router - and I have to say it is working perfectly. I got a signal for both my Wii and my DS straight away, so thanks for your help guys! :mrgreen: