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WiFi and Wireless Video Senders


WiFi and Wireless Video Senders

Thought this might help others.

I've never had much luck getting wireless to work at home, it would work for a few seconds then signal would disappear. So I decided to turn of the facility on my wireless router ( a Lyksys) and gave up.

A few weeks ago I turned it back on while working on my niece’s notebook but forgot I had done so.

I then started loosing my wired internet connection. I could not decide if it was the ADSL link, the router, or my PC. Sometimes all the lights on the router would flash constantly for no reason. Only recycling the power brought back the Internet. Then I saw in one of the Plus forums that wireless video senders can cause problem with wireless.

I turned off the wireless function on the router and hey presto all my problems were solved. I also run wireless video cameras and a wireless doorbell. I guess none of these can help.

If you live in a flat or semi detached house and your neighbours run other wireless devices, then you may be fighting a loosing battle if you to have similar WiFi problems.