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Who's using my WiFi


Who's using my WiFi

Just come back from a weeks holiday with the family. Thought I'd check my account utilisation and found that we'd apparently used it to the tune of 680-702 KB per day split more or less precisely 2/3 paid for and 1/3 free. That seems a spookily consistent level of utilisation and obviously not by anyone in this household.

Utilisation in the previous 2 weeks varied from 33MB to 1GB per day.

Is someone else using my connection or if you leave your router on is there some other kind of minimal utilisation?

I use WEP but don't have IEEE 802 authentication switched on (whatever that is).
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Who's using my WiFi

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Who's using my WiFi

There is always background traffic on the internet, worms, pings and ports scans looking for vulnerable computers. This traffic will be blocked by the firewall on your router, but will still count against your usage allowance.

Using the PlusNet broadband firewall may help prevent some of this traffic reaching your router and will mean this traffic is not counted against your allowance.

There will allows be some overheads used to maintain a connection- switching off your router is the only way to stop these (and is better for the environment as well).

In terms of your wireless security, I'd strongly recommend upgrading to WPA-PSK using keys generated here if your equipment supports it.