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Want to go wireless with my iBook

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Registered: 30-07-2007

Want to go wireless with my iBook


I wish go wireless, currently I am connected to broadband with voyager 105 adsl, USB modem.

I have a Apple mac Base Station which i want to use, so that i can go wireless.

What hardware do I need to go wireless.

I understand I need to have an ethernet connection.

The apple mac has an Airport extreme card.

All help appreciated


Want to go wireless with my iBook

Hi, well you are going to need to buy either a wireless router/access point and an ethernet DSL modem, or you will need a wireless/DSL modem/router, you will probably find the combined one is cheeper than the seperate ethernet DSL router and router/access point setup.

As the mac allready has an airport extreme card you wont need any hardware for that, just check the protocols it supports, make sure that your wireless router/access point you choose (whether integrated with DSL modem or not) supports the same protocol, the same applies to any other machines you may have although you did not mention any, and you should be fine, best if they all support wpa-spk encryption also it is alot better than WEP if you want to secure your wireless connection from being used by every man jack and his dog who wants to use your bandwidth or worse wants to do certain activities online he would rarther trace back to someone other than himsel :roll:

Ok, giving more info than asked for now lol, as for choosing which hardware to go for the choice is of course up to you, I would just say choose carefully and look around for the best for you, I must say though my experience says that the cheepest is usually not the best option, neither is the most expensive, the former is usually poor, the latter normally overpriced, mid range ones should suit you quite nicely for a simple setup like you mentioned.

Want to go wireless with my iBook

It is very easy to go wifi with your ibook if you have a airport base station. Firstly you need to buy an ethernet cable and replace your usb modem.
By using the USB modem your poor lil ibook is having to do most of the work whilst online, ditch it (the modem that is) and buy a modem router which has ethernet on it. plug this into your ibook and configure using internet explorer (safari does not work very well with most router setup pages) once the router is setup and working and connected via ethernet to your ibook you'll find things alittle faster online using safari. Now disconnect the ethernet cable from your ibook and plug it into your airport base station. Launch the airport utility and set the airport up and it'll be working in a flash. :lol: