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WIFI Set up problems in XP pro sp2


WIFI Set up problems in XP pro sp2

Hi there

I hope someone out there can shed some light on this....

I have broadband - currently going through an Origo 8400 router, then via wires to a laptop and a pc.

I bought Netgear WG511 & WG311 and after some major installation problems finally have the laptop connected to the pc with an ad-hoc connection.

BUT, I want to surf on the laptop through wireless. The router ip range is a different range to the auto config wifi range, so I bridged the connection on the PC - at which point the wifi connection fails - it does not seem to get a new ip. I have tried entering an IP manually (using the ip range as defined by the router) and leaving it on auto-config. Occasionally the connections on both the PC & Laptop have shown an excellent conection - but are unable to ping anything.... As soon as I remove the wifi connection from the bridge the laptop & pc connect, but can't surf....

Any help would be very gratefully received.

Thank you


WIFI Set up problems in XP pro sp2

let me get the right then, you have a pc, wired into a router and want to connect to the pc wirelessly from the laptop to browse the internet ?
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WIFI Set up problems in XP pro sp2

In place of the WG311 PCI wireless network card you should have purchased a wireless router or a wireless access point to add to your existing router.

You may be able to get your current setup working by using a proxy server, try which is free for persional use.