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TV senders and WLAN interference


TV senders and WLAN interference

I have installed a Netgear DG834v2 WLAN route and this interfers with the Tranwo GiGair 2424 TV sender unit I have to send SKY from downstairs to the bedroom.

I guess as both use the 2.4GHz Freq then there will be issues - but the TV sender has 3 ch settigns and the WLAN has 13 odd Freqs.

So to same time - anyone have and ides which freqs are best to set the 2 boxes to?


Nige H

TV senders and WLAN interference

Hi Nige.

Welcome to the forums.

This crops up from time to time.

I have a similar set up at home, albeit with a Phillips AV sender. I simply had to run a trial and error process to see which worked for me. From memory, Ch 6 on the router and Ch 4 on my sender worked but other combinations may do the trick for you.

Hope you get is sorted.