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Strange Wireless Problem

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Registered: 30-08-2007

Strange Wireless Problem


I'm on BB+ and have a Linksys WAP11 Access Point connected to a Voyager 205 router modem. I've also a Dell Inspiron 510m wireless laptop.

When I first purchased the above setup the laptop wireless card automatically picked up the WAP, connected to it and everything worked fine. I run Windows XP home and have 2 user accounts and could have had both logged on at the same time.

One evening the wireless connection suddenly dropped. Not sure what happened but I ended up resetting the WAP. After that the 510m wouldn't automatically connect to the WAP and I had to go into the settings of the wireless adapter and manually input the details of the connection to be picked up. I had to do this for each user account. The result of this is that while I can log on OK as one user, I now cannot have both users logged on at the same time. If I'm logged on as one user and and try to "Switch User" to the other user the settings for second user loads but the wireless adapter does not pick up anything and has a red cross over it on the task bar. I have to log the first user off before I can log the second one on.

It's not the end of the world, I know, as I'm still able to connect one user at a time, but I'm curious as to what has happened from the orinigal set up and if it can be restored again.

Another probably unrelated problem is that the wireless link often drops when I use P2P. It doesn't drop immediately but maybe after an hour or so. I can use P2P with my desktop PC and USB connection with out the connection dropping.

Any advice would be appreciated.