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Some simple questions


Some simple questions


At the moment i have a binatone router ADSL 2100, which has 4 rj45 connections from which im using 2 only.

i have 2 PC and intend to buy a laptop soon,

I want to have wireless network. What dso i exactly have to buy? what hardwares?

and how much would they cost, approx?

and which is cheaper usb or pci?

and would thier be speed reduction on any usb or pci by nechance?

Sorry this maybe simple questions, but i just need sum light in this, im bit confused because i want to use my same router if possible.

Some simple questions

I'm guessing you have 2 solutions really. You could purchase a wireless card for one of your desktops, and your laptop could access your DSL connection through that card - but the PC would have to be switched on and logged-on.

Better solution would be to invest in a new wireless router - there are plenty of models which have wireless, but also 4 RJ45 sockets, so you could just switch your PC's straight over. You can get them for inside £50 now if you look around.


Some simple questions

thanks, ill have a look