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Slow internet on wireless network


Slow internet on wireless network

Hey guys, quicky really...

If connected direct to my D-Link DSL G624M MIMO router using some CAT 5, I'm getting around 400 / 500 Kbp/s, but all my wireless computers that use the internet are only getting a maximum of 60Kbp/s...... no more

All the connecting PC's are setup to 802.11g, NOT b & g
Signal is excellent (I've even tested this sat next to the router connecting wirelessly)

The router is setup with WPA and the connection is PPPoA.

Its also VcMux, not LLU (I've tried changing, but no difference)

I've changed the MTU to 1478, but this has made little difference....

SuperG is disabled, as this is renowned to cause some problems.....

I believe that this is the router, not the clients, as I've used the laptop and PC in my old house with NTL and a Netgear router, and got 100+ Kbp/s on a 1mb connection..

Any ideasHuh?

Thanks for any help in advance


Slow internet on wireless network

OK, its not the channels, I've tried all the channels...

Its not the WPA, I've taken it off, and the speed drops!! lol

There is no port forwarding on this by the way, DHCP all the way....

Cheers again...


Slow internet on wireless network

I had a similar issue when using a zyxel 660HW some time back.

To start off with the wireless clients were too close to the router. When I moved the router further away the throughput improved greatly (but still wasn't acceptable even for 802.11g). I tried all sorts but in the end just scrapped it for a netgear. This is why I tend to stick with 100% ratified wireless kit like 802.11g - with all this MIMO and Pre-N stuff knocking around there's just too many uncertainties and problems. If you're using a MIMO router with say wireless-g clients from a different manufacturer (even though you have disabled Super-G), this could well be your problem.

Slow internet on wireless network

Thanks for the ideas...

I have a mate with a D-Link router and several different vendors for his client machines, and he has Super G enabled and everything works fine for him... Im not sure if this is the case.

I'll take another look. I'm also gonna turn off all electricals near by my router to see if this is also a problem... I'll also move the router to see if it needs to be positioned in a better place.

Slow internet on wireless network

The problem with wireless is it divided by the users so if you have 5 pcs then 54 meg is divided by 5. More importantly is interferance if something interfears with the signal it has to re transmit pakets so its slower.

You need to look for anything that could cause it like tv, dec phone,radio. What I do is get a portable radio tune it off channel so there is no noise then walk about between the network points you will often then hear the noise and can often move it around and find the problem.

It can be the daftist things that cause it like street lights or sky