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SERIOUS disconnect problems


SERIOUS disconnect problems


so my dad bought your service around 3years ago. On and off for the past year it has had problems. It disconnects every so often. Ive read alot of other posts, but if it my problem had stayed liek this i would not be asking your help, a few disconnects i can deal with.

Now about 6months ago it started to get worse (ok 6months is not accurate, its a guess, from what i can remember its been like this becausei m so used to it by now). The disconnect rate went up by several times a DAY. Now from what i have read some of you get really annoyed with a few times a month. unfortunately, sometimes a day is not where my problem ends. It now has periods where it disconnects EVERY SECOND to the extent it is impossible to connect to the internet for the entire period. Yesterday the internet was inaccessible from when i got up (9am) to around 10:30pm at night, where it stayed up til about 12 (then i went to bed). Today it hasnt been as bad, was up from around 12 to about 4 continuously (i was very happy with this, this is very rare) and then on and off since then, was down entirely between 6 and 7, and as i speak it has disconnected 3times. Something is SERIOUSLY wrong.

Ok so this happened about a month ago, i got so annoyed i started to check into it (as my dad has left, its alot harder for me to do so). So i checked into netgear routers at school and found a whole heap of problems including several familiar to me. I upgraded the firmware on my DG824 on my wireless adaptor, ran about 4 anti-virus programs and then double checked all the settings.

Next day, it worked....and continued to work, had maybe 2 crashes in a fortnight. Then it started again, and hasnt stopped. Started around 4days ago. I was convinced it was the router - but im not so convinced now.

Im not blaming plusnet, as i dont think it is your fault either. I tried checking to see if it came on during different periods. It noramlly works in the later hours, however there is no real pattern in its disconnecting.

I need some help. Please write down everything you can think of to solve the problem. Then i can get my dad to do it all (because it is in his name, luckily however i know all the login details which is how im able to ask for your help).

Please dont do what netgear does and say "Its not our fault". Im not blaming you, i just want every possible idea/fix/piece of advise you can give me because to be honest, im fed up of trying to fix this fucking thing.

Router: DG824 Netgear
Computers attached: 2
connected via: wireless adaptors (several types, all compatable, it isnt the adaptor)
microfilter: yes, received with router 3years ago and hasnt changed (to my knowledge)
phone filtered: yes
server type: PPPoA
IP: server assigned
Prim/sec IP: Given

Other Notes:
BT has recently installed new telephone poles down my road (im thinking they have damaged something, but please write it here so i cn show my dad as proof to phon them).

please ask for any other information. I may not be able to respond to this thread til tommorrow (if im lucky) but please have some information by then

SERIOUS disconnect problems

Other notes:
Running XP service pack 2
Internet crashes whether using wireless or when wired to the router
Says its connected and has "excellent" signal

Yes! a serious line problem Ivan

Hi Catra,

Read through your posting and this certainly sounds like either 1) a phone line (i.e. a problem related to the physical copper cabling or the transmission of your ADSL signal down the cable) or 2) perhaps the most obvious place to start would be to get BT back to look into whats happened in your street with the poles, cables, street cabs, your line into your house. PN might also need to be involved and PN might be needed to contact BT on your behalf.

**NOTE: Even if your like me and have your voice service on your telephone with BT (and pay BT Line Rental etc) so in effect your a BT customer they wont speak to you directly if your ISP isnt BT Openworld or BT Yahoo. About an internet connection problem or line problem related to ADSL Broadband.They used to about 2 years back BUT NOT NOW!! They will just refer you back to your ISP.

**I'd suggest that you contact PlusNet ASAP!! Yes this does sound like a genuinely serious problem that needs attention. Give Plusnet support a phone (if you can that is?) and tell them the nature of the problem. Alternatively you could post the a contact us ticket (and paste in the above details).

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SERIOUS disconnect problems

I should be able to get my dad or someone to phone you (or BT) if you give me the information needed.

I live in England if that is needed?

thankyou for your help Smiley I hope eventually this problem will be gone

Contacting PlusNet Ivan

Hi Catra,

You can telephone PlusNet on there 24/7 number which is 0845-1400-200 or use the contact us ticketing system by following this link here:-

Hope this helps? Ivan
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SERIOUS disconnect problems

you have exactly the same problem as me altho you must be sure whether you are getting disconnects from +net or you are losing the ADSL signal from your exchange .
I have raised my problem with +net & to be honest they could not have been more helpful in trying to trace my fault .
Altho the tests have come back inconclusive I have asked them to contact BT knowing that if the error is on my premises & not exterior I will be charged around £60 . However I am so convinced that its exterior as I have tried 2 modems, new splitters , direct into master socket etc. & all 3 of our computers still get loss of sync. mostly at peak times & seemingly worse from Friday to Sunday. The modem stats show a sudden decrease in SNR which can drop from 17 to around 3 when it drops. Sometimes this continues for hours with brief or prolonged dropouts & other times it stays connected for hours .
I am now awaiting a call from BT