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Could some explain to me how we could not connect last night, and can this morning?

Plusnet helpdesk, after several calls to them, told me that our 6 month old router wasn't working. The desktop was still communicating with the laptop, but couldn't raise the Web.

First we were asked to disconnect the router from the phone line for an hour. Then we had to find the router's ip address, and try inputting the password again.

When nothing worked, "the router must have been damaged in the storm on Saturday."

But this morning it is working well.

Any help (preferably in non-techie English) appreciated.

Oh, and someone tell Plusnet that there is nothing more irritating than having to listen to a female voice telling me I can manage my account on-line (repeatedly) when I can't connect!!!



Disconecting the router for an hour clears the exchange connections and also gets you of the phone for an hour by which time someone else gets the call.

Reseting the password isnt likely to work but its worth a shot and gets you off the line so you get some else next time. Telling you its broke means you may get a new router and that may fix it.
Overnight a man clinmbs down the line and fixes the router from the inside.

To be fair how often does the doctor diagnose over the phone without seeing the patient? Thats what support have to do often turning everything off including pc's can cure it. If you didnt pick up the dns that would stop you connecting as would many other things but you dont give enough detail to tell you what the cause was.


Routers are very reliable and once correctly setup they run forever.

Last week I was down all day and by looking at the router status, I easily spotted that the problem was with a PN's server. No IP address had been assigned to my router.

How they can so easily say that your modem was faulty is beyond me..