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Router Issues


Router Issues

i have just signed up with plus net and would wecome a few pointers about setting up my wirless network.
i live in a house with 5 students all with various dongles, wireless laptops etc.
is it as simple as putting the netgear router to the phone line and then individuly accsesing the signal.
will the passphrase required be specific to the router or to plussnet, and how will i find it.
Thanks guys

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Router Issues

You put the router into the phone line.
Setup the router with plus net password/username.
set the settings which the wizard normally works out.

Everyone then uses the software which came with there dongle to find the router they set it to be their default connections and away you go.

You should once you have everyone connected ok and working try setting up either wep or go onto the router and set only certain mac address to connect. If you setup wep they will have to enter a key to connect but that should only be the first time. Some software can be a pig so the mac address is a better option unless you have very confidential data.