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Re: Router affecting download speeds


Re: Router affecting download speeds

Make sure you are forwarding the BitTorrent ports to whatever machine you're using bittorrent on.

The BitTorrent ports are usually 6881 to 6889.

Router affecting download speeds

Hi, wondering if someone can provide some help for me.

I've just installed a new 3com office connect wireless adsl modem/router. The setup was pretty straight forward and I've got the network and internet access working ok.

The only problem i've found is a severe drop in download speeds when using bittorrent. The pc i'm trying to download with is connected to the router using an rj45 cable rather than wirelessly as it's right next to the router so am I right in thinking that this shouldn't cause any drop in speeds?

Bittorrent still connects (allthough it stays on the yellow light and wont move to green) but as i'm on 1mb premier I used to get d/load speeds of around 70-80 kbytes per second. After installing the router i can't get speeds above 20 kbytes per second. Does anyone know if there's a setting somewhere that i'm missing?

grateful for any help anyone can chuck my way!
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Router affecting download speeds

Make sure the MTU in the router matches what you have set in the PC.

Router affecting download speeds

sadly if only it was that simple. the 3com router's buffers fill up and have a problem with perfomance. I sent mine back - shame as it was good apart from killing my connection and locking up.

Router affecting download speeds

its definatly the ports, as said above.

which client u using?

go try "bit tornado" that has a very simple port forwarding set up.
the numbers as suggested above are also correct (6881/6889)

the reason i know its this, is purly because i to was running a riuter/modem, and i got dl's at a crippling 20kps.

soon as u change u will notice the speed change.

p.s if u aint got "bit tornado" just check web