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Problems with BT 1801HG


Problems with BT 1801HG


Sorry to ask yet another question about the 1800HG router\modem (supplied by PlusNet as BBYW kit) but I'm not getting very far with customer services!

I got the router last Friday but the first thing I noticed (other than the router's funky design!) was no CD and no manual in the box. Call me old fashioned, but if the box has a list of contents and some of the said contents are missing, then I'm not happy! I fired off a ticket to CS asking them if they could send them out to me. I read the guide that PlusNet had for the 1800 and tried to install it myself. The guide says it's pre-configure...yet I get asked for the "Activation Key" when I start the router setup. 2wire (router manufacturer) seem to configure the routers using specific Keys for differnt ISPs. On 2Wire's website, there's no Activation Key for PlusNet so I used the one for BT. I then had to manually enter most of the user settings (user name etc) and my little Belkin USB dongle needed to be re-configured and I was back on the Net!

But....after tidying everything up, I tried going to different websites and kept getting a 2Wire error message saying I had to restart the browser, clear the cache etc. Even if I went to 2Wire website I got the error message evern after I restarted the router. I re-checked all the settings (as far as possible) and then checked the IE certificates - there was a problem with a BT certificate that had expired and credentials could not be verified. So I was guessing that was because I had used the activation code on the router. So I restarted it and set the activation key to "Manual" settings and tried configuring it myself. Again, got onto the Net but I'm still getting blocked on websites..some pages are fine (Google, BBC etc) but when I go off-site I get blocked.

I've asked CS to assist but I'm getting nowhere slowly - anybody here now what activation key I need to enter to get the PlusNet configurations and why do I get on the Net but get blocked from websites??

Checked TCP/IP settings, cleared cache, tried dynamic and static IP addresses, switched Firewalls off (yikes!), checked ports, even installed the BT certificate! Is it a VPN issue and if so, how do I work around that??

Sorry for waffling on - I'm working on a Helpdesk and I keep getting interrupted by the phones which takes me off track!!!

Thanks in advance for any assistance