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Problems With BT Voyager 2100 Wireless Router


Problems With BT Voyager 2100 Wireless Router

I have a wired Binatone modem & 2 telephone sockets ( main socket & an extension from the main) both have microfilters attached. I can connect out using either socket with no problems.
If I try to connect my BT Voyager 2100 to either socket the ADSL light flashes as though no broadband line is detected. I can see the router from my PC so wireless is ok. The line must be ok as I can get out using my other modem.
I have taken my 2100 to a friends house who also has one using Plusnet & it connected with no problems. Brought his router to mine & still the DSL light flashes.
Is there something I am missing? This is driving me mad?


bt voyager 2100

I have two of these in the same building, over the past weeks I have had similar problems..

I have changed the adsl filters, to be honest all I can advice is reset it to default mode and then try again.. If all the settings are in it. i.e. pw etc..
Simply turn it off and on again.. I feel it has been the change at the tel exchange that is preventing the router to sync to adsl.. In particular as it often does it at 00.00 hours... (switchboard or isp change over?) Also once it is on and flashing simply type in voyager in to IE expl and ensure router is ready and the network isnot down. Then connect if necessary. Good Luck.