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PPPoA revisited


PPPoA revisited

I know that this topic has been already discussed in the forum, but I still don't understand if it is possible to use a wireless router that doesn't support PPPoA (mine is a Netgear MR814v2) with Plusnet ADSL. I got the ethernet modem from them and the router was previously working perfectly with a Telewest connection.
So, the question is: should I keep trying to connect it or it's just a waste of time because the lack of PPPoA makes it impossible for it to work?
And, if it's possible, how should I set both the modem and the router?

I hope somebody can help me here. Plusnet customer service didn't want to. Thanks.


PPPoA revisited

I am connected to PlusNet via PPPoE with the new BT Voyager 105 drivers!
Should work for you Smiley
Best Wishes


You should be fine. The router doesn't need to connect over PPPoA because you are actually connecting the router to the modem through ethernet, hence needing PPPoE (E for ethernet). With the modem in Bridge mode it takes the PPPoE connection from the router and allows it to connect with the PPPoA system at Plus.Net