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PN Wireless Q's

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PN Wireless Q's

I didn't find all my Q's in the help:

I see PN seem to be re-selling BT OPenzone. However, if you buy this from BT you also get access to 'partner networks' both in the UK and abroad?

Is this avialable via PN too? I ask since the BT hotspot list published on the PN FAQ pages seems to be from May 2005 !! so I wondered if there were some update..... (I don't know when BT O.Z. started the partner access)

Also, I didn't understand if ther per-minute rate is paid for in arears or whether you have to pay some credit in in advance.
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PN Wireless Q's

PlusNet's partnership with BT Openzone, only gives access to BT's own hotspots.

It does not give access to their partners hotspots, so coverage is limited.

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PN Wireless Q's

This is something that we are looking into now we are part of BT Retail. It may become an option shortly.