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PCI Wirless Card switches off


PCI Wirless Card switches off

I have some kind of problem with my Belkin card on XP. For a while it was working in both Windows and Linux but now, for some reason, it cuts out every so often. To re-enable I have disable then enable the device, re-scan for networks, connect and then insert my network key again. Which is a bit of a pain.

The only different between now and then is that I've upgraded from a Pentium 4 1.4GHz with 256Mb Rambus to and ASUS Mobo with AMD64 Athlon 2.4GHz with 1024Mb DDR RAM. I can't see why this would change anything.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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PCI Wirless Card switches off

Does it cut-out when the connection is actually being used or when it is idle.

Have you made sure you have stopped the windows power management from switching off the device when not in use/idle?

Since upgrading your hardware, have you reinstalled the cards drivers (i.e. uninstall first, then reinstall).

PCI Wirless Card switches off

I have reinstalled the drivers. It is mainly when it's idle but I've check and in the properties it is set to constantly awake mode. I can't understand it.
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PCI Wirless Card switches off

I have the same problem on a network I installed for a friend.
It was working fine till I turned on the encryption and entered the key, then it stopped. Reboot of the machine sometimes fixes it, but it seems random and damm infuriating.
I'll be interested if you ever find the answer.