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P2P & Netgear Wireless Modem DG834


P2P & Netgear Wireless Modem DG834

I recently upgraded my modem to a Netgear DG834, since then my Limewire & Sky by Broadband hasn't worked.I checked the my LAN settings and it the use proxy server box is ticked, whereas before it wasn't. I've tried to untick the box but it never saves it. Is this what is causing them not to work or is it something else.

Any help would be greatfully appreciated.


Adrian Sad

P2P & Netgear Wireless Modem DG834

Have you checked to see if you have to open ports for limewire and sky? check with

for the ports needed and how to do it.

What is the proxy set to? It shouldnt be set but AV or something else may have done it. You dont say what browser you are using but you should be able to un tick the box and let it discover its settings