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Now and again


Now and again

Hello Smiley

I have had constant problems with my Netgear DG834G when I was runing win 98 (belkin F5D7001uk) where it would throw me off or takes ages to connect (icon always red)

I thought I would install win XP pro and HD not big enough so installed a 80Gb and everything ran brilliant (always connected and always 54Mbps) and now and again it will throw me off. Only thing i have changed is that I have installed Incredimail and that does not work correctly either.

I have to keep on setting (after deleting) up new account details (same as plusnet configuration) It only maages to send one email and then I go into tools and the box is ticked for authorization which I then remove which enables me to send again (one only) then I check to see why I can't send again and it shows as being ticked again! I do have a life outside of trying to get this damn pc to run the way I want it too.

Can you offer any advice or show me the way.

Yes I have left constant email for plus net support and also Netgear and nothing thye suggest works.

Kind regards