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Nottingham Hot spots : Pretty Useless


Nottingham Hot spots : Pretty Useless

Beware, This service is pretty useless in Nottingham

You can only log into BT Openzone Hotspots..( and not those of other operators , ie: Cloud).

There are no Hot spots in the centre of Nottingham and the closest ones are all McDonalds and are on the outskirts of the city
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Nottingham Hot spots : Pretty Useless

I have noticed that with not being able to log into The Cloud Hotspots through OpenZone and the like, the service isn't very well covered at all.

It seems BT Openzone have abandoned rolling out their own network and are instead more interest in using that of their 'partner's' which are totally useless to you and I taking advantage of this offer.

Only some service stations I have seen and McDonalds's that actually have OpenZone. Still I'll take me laptop to Heathrow and live in hope.

Nottingham Hot spots : Pretty Useless

Hi There

As is mentioned earlier there is a reciprocal arrangement between some providers, BT, T-Mobile and The Cloud which at the moment is not available for partners.

However this does not mean that it will not become available and we will not be able to roam in the future.