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New neighbour Knows I Have Wireless BB


New neighbour Knows I Have Wireless BB

I had a slight water spillage in my flat yesterday and left a note through my downstairs neighbours letter box apologising if there had been any damage He has only moved in about a week....lucky white heather ...
He came up later with his "lodger" and after some niceties he said that maybe he (they) could share my wireless BB for £10-12 a month....He knew I had one and knew I had security preventing anyone else from using it .......He suggested it would be sufficient ( i presume he was meaning the signal Huh? for all 3 of us ....He works in computer industry apparently...) I was thinking of setting up another PC myself but later I also thought about the proposed PN download limits so I think I'll give his idea a bodyswerve plus I don't even know the guy ..
What has he done to find that I have this setup there anyhting sinister in this ..
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New neighbour Knows I Have Wireless BB

I don't think there's too much to worry about but I wouldn't let anyone in my local vicinity use my wireless network either. Apart from sharing my connection with someone I don't know, I'd be worried he'd use up my download limit and I'd be left with nothing, and no proof!

It's quite likely that he has a laptop which he uses on the wireless network at his work. If he brings this home and turns on the wi-fi then it immediatly tells him that it's detected a wireless network.
the simplest thing to do if you don't want him to see it is turn off the option in your access point to broadcast the Wireless ID. Also you might want to change the ID, because he might have written it down.

He's probably an alright guy, but you don't know him so you don't have to trust him just because he's your neighbour. I wouldn't trust most of my neighbours as far as I could throw them.
The worst thing he could do is try to crack you're encryption key (which isn't too hard with WEP, slightly harder with WPA but not impossible) and use it without you knowing, well until you find out you've reached you're download limit!

If you are worried then check out the admin of your access point, it's likely that you can enable an access list. If you've only got a few wireless computers then add their MAC addresses to the list and it will deny access to anyone who isn't on that list.
I don't use any encryption at home and use the access list. The problem with encryption is it massively reduces the speed of the wireless network, whereas an access list has less of an impact. OK, so someone could still intercept the data but I don't actually transfer anything confidential over the wireless anyway.

Re: New neighbour Knows I Have Wireless BB


What has he done to find that I have this setup there anyhting sinister in this

The fact that you have a wireless access point means you have a nice little device indiscriminantly transmitting electromagnetic waves around the place. This means that anybody in the vicinity with an electromagnetic wave detector which can pick up electromagnetic waves in the microwave frequencies (known as a "wireless network card") will be able to pick up the signal and hence know that you have a wireless network