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Netgear MR314 and Dell PC wireless


Netgear MR314 and Dell PC wireless

I had two laptops connected to broadband via a Netgear MR314 wireless router. Mine (old Dell with Netgear wireless card) connects to the router reliably. Smiley My previous work laptop (3 year old Dell Latitude, with Dell Truemobile wireless onboard, XP) also connected reliably after just basic setup. Smiley

6 months ago my work laptop was replaced with a Dell Latitude D610, Intel 2200BG wireless onboard, XP SP2. Whenever I connect this new D610 via wireless the old home laptop's wireless connection is lost straight away, then the D610's connection is lost after 15 minutes max and I re-start the router. Cry

Which items of the wireless configuration of the Router or D610 should I check? Channels? Firewall?
Thanks for reading. Hope you can help.