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Netgear D834G internet access problems


Netgear D834G internet access problems

Hi there,

I've recently connected to PlusNet (having previously been on NTL Cable) as we can only get ADSL in the area we have just moved to.

I'm using a Netgear D834G wireless router/modem to connect to PlusNet and am having trouble accessing the internet from my laptop, both wirelessly and by ethernet cable.

I can log onto the router fine and see that it's connected to PlusNet, but I can't access the internet through the router.

I've not used the Netgear installation disk as I prefer to setup up things manually (although if this will fix the problem I'll be happy to setup from the CD!).

I don't think there are any old NTL settings that are causing a problem as I used to connect through a wireless FM114P (I think that model number is correct!) and I never had to set anything up specific for internet access (just usernames / passwords for email).

My OS is WinXP SP 2.

Thanks for any help! Wink

Netgear D834G internet access problems

Just had my 'official' connection email (I've been off all last week with no net access but noticed the lights on the 834G).

Looking at the settings, it's probably because I've not set the home gateway name to That's the only thing I can see that I haven't setup.

Can anyone confirm that the behaviour I am seeing would happen without the home gateway name being setup?


Netgear D834G internet access problems

Mods, feel free to kill this thread. It was me being over eager as I only received the official email today to tell me my account had been enabled. Just got home and it's all working fine! lol Wink