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NetGear DG834GT

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Registered: 01-08-2007

NetGear DG834GT

Hi all,

I have just signed up for a Broadband Plus net account and I wold like to purchase the Net Gear DG834GT. Can you tell me if this wireless router modem is compatible with this ISP. I have no broadband connection or hardware before I signed up to this account.

Many thanks in advance


NetGear DG834GT

Hi there,

it certainly is. You should have little or no difficulty setting this up providing you follow the instructions provided by Netgear.

These are superb routers and will function well.

If you do have any difficulties at the time, post back and we'll try to help.

Welcome to Plus net and the forums.

NetGear DG834GT

Although it has been an excellent router for me for the past year, I have recently moved house, and discovered that this router is a little more picky about line quality than other routers. (BT Finally managed to switch me to a different line, so with the increased quality, things are looking a lot more rosy!)
My recommendation would be to give it a go, and if it works - great, if not try a different brand (DLink do some great ones for a comparable cost)
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Registered: 30-07-2007

NetGear DG834GT

I hope that you havn't gone and bought it yet.

I've just had two of them and they are completely Biz (as in crap).

The DG834G is (in my experience) 20 times better (just lacking the 108Mbps wirelessly).

DG834GT = Problem...check netgears forums for the evidence...