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I have recently bought a Netgear 834pn and it is starting to do my head in, this might just be me expecting too much but just in case can anyone help please? My problem is when opening a web page it seems to hang rather than open like normal, and i get a lot of time outs. I'm running firmware v1.03.18 and my MTU is at 1450. I have been in touch with the Netgear helpline but it just keeps doing the same. As far as i know all my settings are as they should be but if anyone else has had this problem and managed to fix it please could you let me know? Thanks.
One last thing : - the flashing lights (blue ones on the side) are these not ment to either be solid or on a constant motion? The ones on my one seem to start and stop then a couple light up solid then some more etc etc. Bit of a silly question that one but once it came to mind (and due to the fact of my speed problem) i can't get it out of my head that they should be doing something all the time. lol. Thanks in advance for any help offered. Smiley
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Recently installed the same router with no problems. My blue lights behave in the same way as yours. Not sure what theyr'e doing either.

The router is set to obtain DNS info from the ISP - are you using that setting?

If you type the actual IP address does the web page load OK?

Are you using Internet Explorer? I assume its not looking for a proxy server.

Do your web pages load eventually or time out? Can you access any web sites - I assume you can as you posted the problem.

If you use the diagnostics page in the Router manager can you ping the problem sites?

Can you try another PC ( eg a laptop with a wireless card) on your network?

The idea is to try and work out which part of the chain
Internet Explorer/PC/Network card/Router/ADSL line/Local Exchange etc etc
is causing the problem.
And you can see from the number of posts it isn't always easy.

At least the blue lights are OK.

Bon chance.


Well at least the lights are ok lol.

Yes i have the router set to obtain DNS info, that is something i did think of playing with but i've been going through a steady elimonation process and that part i've not got to yet.

It seems to be that some nights it works not too bad and others it just a nightmare. I am using Mozila Firefox, i have not used IE for some time now and up to now i have not had any problems. on occasion the page does time out but most of the time it hangs about 1/4 done then shoots open. A lot of the time it has been with the Plusnet pages i.e. if i have a problem opening plusnet and try another site, the other site opens ok. Using the plusnet fault finder at the moment to see if it finds a problem.

Pc it ok,no virus's spyware etc (i run checks daily, got a paranoia for that since i caught many many virus's using Norton, now i use Zone Alarm and had no problems......touching wood as i speak lol.) ADSL line checks out ok and my exchange is the same. I have yet to try another Network card (was soon to be tried) and as for Router i have been in touch with Netgear and it seems ok but as yet i am not convinced.

I have searched the netger forum and i did not like the reports i seen on there about this router, at least i know someone has one that works lol.

Thanks for replying though, your help is welcomed.



It doesnt make any differance what the routers dns is set to unless your pc has the router set as its dns server. The pc will go for the dns server set in windows. try chaning the dns on the pc to plusnets dns and add so you get it from outside plus net.


I have been checking up on this Router on the Netgear Forum and have found out it has a problem with the browser hanging. This may be fixed with a firmware update but at this time Netgear do not have an update that will fix it. :x

I do not have any other problem with this Router apart from that, and to be honest it is not a problem that is too bad, it is just annoying. From the feed back i got there are many people have this problem and it seems a firmware update should help it. So come on any Netgear Tech's out there get a fixing. Wink
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Hi All, don't want to stick my nose in but, if you have 6 blue lights, could the be for the 6 aerials seeking the best network signal ?? Just Guessing.