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Loss of bandwidth on wireless network


Loss of bandwidth on wireless network



I am having troubles with my network. I have the wired PC and a wireless laptop The laptop has trouble connecting to the router and when it does it is as if the wired machine is hogging all of the bandwidth and i cannot connect to the net without timeouts ect. Now if i turn the wired machine off the wireless laptop works fine. Again if i plug the laptop (wired) into the router all is fine. It appears that something on the wired machine is causing problems. I have tried this with two different routers and two different laptops and nothing changes. The strange thing is that when i wiped and reload the wired machine all was fine, after a few days the above happens. I have been down this road twice now and do not intend to reload the PC again. It all points to the Main wired PC. Has anyone seen or experienced this themselves?

Are there any network settings that could cause this?

Thanks in advance


Loss of bandwidth on wireless network

You dont give us a lot of detail like the router network card etc. Is the hard wired pc doing anything on the network like P2P?

You need to monitor the usage to see what bandwidth the hard wired pc is using is there any spyware or anything running which may take all the bandwidth? You can get a good idea of what the pc is using by looking at the network in task manager.

Your router may let you monitor usages as well. So if you pc is only using a small amount but your router is showing heavy usage then someone else may be logged in via radio.

The normal cause of this it the cpu in the router not being able to cope this may be due to it having the ports been set to auto which means its taking all the proccesor power testing the ports. So look for any port setting on the network card or router.

The other thing could be if you have WEP etc turned on as again it takes cpu power turn it off and see if speed improves