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Linksys WAG54G Speed problems over wireless to PlusNEt......


Linksys WAG54G Speed problems over wireless to PlusNEt......

Any ideas on this one ? Linksys support sent me a version of the newest firmware, but it doesn't fix it.....

I have a WAG54G connected to the 1MB ADSL service from Plusnet. From this I run two PCs – one desktop, 1 laptop.

Using Plusnet’s speed test, when both PCs are connected to the WAG54G using LAN CAT5 cable, I do achieve the 1MB download speeds. However, when accessing the WAG54G on the laptop only over wireless, the speed of the download reduces dramatically to around 250Kb/s – about a quarter of the capacity. I have checked this also with another WinXP laptop, and the same occurs.

Details of the Linksys setup :
Wireless settings – all default
Security – firewall on, WEP keys 128 enabled. Speed tests were run with all security features disabled.
I have also tried varying MTU settings, etc without any improvement.
FW version – ETSI v1.02.1

Linksys WAG54G Speed problems over wireless to PlusNEt......

Can I ask if you're using any of the computers through walls from the Router, or if it is in the same room?


Yes, it is in a different room....

the room the router is in is directly above me, through a wood/plasterboard ceiling. I had thought about this, but if I place the PC directly next to the router, it still gives degraded speed.
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WAG54G Speed problems -interference from other wireless gear

I have had similar problems with the same setup. In my case the problem was my wireless phone base station which was sitting on my desk next to the ADSL gateway. Moving them just a metre apart and changing channels on the gateway and network adapter solved the speed problem. The 2.4 GHz region is used by a number of different wireless items and interference is a big problem.

Geoff Davies