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Kcorp Lifestyle?


Kcorp Lifestyle?

After road-testing a Belkin modem/router and notebook card - and sending it back because it was so very poor, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend an alternative?

Being tight, I'm quite attracted to the Kcorps Lifestyle here:

But is it any good? Has anyone here had any experiences with this product or Kcorps in general?

The environment is as follows: The telephone socket is in the living room and the modem/router will therefore be placed there, a couple of feet away from the ancient gas metre! The cordless telephone will be relocated upstairs. It's a Victorian terrace house with correspondingly thick walls and I want to be able to work in the garden (perhaps next summer rather than this, I think) about 20 metres away, certainly no more than 30.

I would have thought that pretty much any wireless product ought to be able to handle that, but I'm not so sure after my bad Belkin experience.

So any recommendations and suggestions from more experienced wireless networking users would be greatly appreciated.