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How Bizzarre


How Bizzarre

Firstly hi to everyone and thank you in advance.
here is my problem.i am currently having a speed issue with my broadband connection. i was wondering whether anyone else has had the same or similar problem.
here goes, i have recently been upgraded to the upto 8mb service (in december 5th), i did all that was requested of me by plusnet eg resetting router etc, but nothing has changed and my speed has dropped lower tha what i previously had (2mb) however, bizzarely my router reports upload speeds of 7mb and down stream of 448k. i have checked my router settings (SAFECOM SWAMRU 5410Cool upgraded the firmware and checked it can deal with the speeds which it can. i have also plugged in an old adsl wired modem and this reports the same speeds but i still only get 1.8mb on speed tests whch is my problem. i have spoken to neighbours whose speeds are fine. i use an Apple mac and a windows based pc and speed tests carried out on both at different times of the day always report speeds of 1.8mb despite what my router says. can anyone shed any light on what i may doing wrong or need to change for me to at least see my speed return to pre upgrade speeds. many thanks karl

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How Bizzarre

Sounds like your Line profile hasn't been updated.

First stop: and run the test. Copy the result here once you're done.
Afterwards if its as I suspect you'll need to raise a ticket and ask for to set your profile to the correct speed. If you are sync-ed at 7Mbps then you'll probably be put on a 6.5Mbps profile and your speeds will go up.

Tip: To get this done quickly once you have raised the ticket PM James bailey with the ticket ID as he justs loves changing your profile Wink