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Help with setup


Help with setup

I want to set up a home network with wireless broadband access to the internet, but I don't know what I ned for this. The more I read about, the more confused I become!

My current setup is broadband access from my desktop using an Alcatel pci broadband card running under Windows ME. I want to set up a LAN to include 2 additional laptops running Wiondows XP each with 802.11g mini pci cards, so that all 3 machines can share broadband access. I also want to be able to share files between the 3 machines wirelessly, and share a common printer wirelessly.

What is the best router for this? Ideally I would like one with 108 mbps for future upward compatibility. I think it needs to have a built-in broadband modem as well; is that right? So my existing broadband pci card would become redundant. I also think that I need to buy a separate pci router for the desktop, as it doesn't have an ethernet port.

How does the printer fit into this setup? Can I leave it hard-wired to the desktop (via a usb connection), or should it have another wireless device of its own?

I would appreciate any help on this matter.

Regards, Dave.

Help with setup

Rather than writing a long winded spiel see this for advice and guidance as to what you need.

Hope this is of help.[/url]