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Help setting up wireless please


Help setting up wireless please

We just bought a new Laptop which we hope to allow internet access to through our plusnet broadband account. We also have another PC that has a wireless card fitted that we wish to connect to this network.

We always used a USB modem on the original pc to access the internet but figured it would be easier to use wireless on both machines now. So we bought a wireless router (LINKSYS WGKPC354G 54G) and have been trying to set it up with plusnet for about an hour now and we just cant get it to connect to the internet (well internet explorer isnt displaying webapges through ethernet or wireless), its all been setup and we can get into the router configuration page, we tried setting up on PPPoA and it doesnt work. Any ideas where we could be going wrong?

As you may be able to tell, im pretty new to this so If you need anymore details let me know,

Thanks in advance,



We now have the internet etc setup on the router and it works to an extent, the problem is after about fifteen minutes the laptop loses the wireless connection and doesnt connect up again, we are totally lost with this now and considering giving up, it seems more hassle than its worth.

Help setting up wireless please

I would make sure that you are running the latest version of the firmware for your wireless router, and that you have the latest drivers for your wireless network card. You could also try setting your wireless router to use a different channel.

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Help setting up wireless please

dude what does changing the channel actually do?

Help setting up wireless please

The router and the pc's must all be on the same channel.

Are you saying it work ok and you can connect to the internet ok but it drops the connection after 15 mins? If this is the case can you see anyother networks near you as this could cause it? This is why you have been adviced to change the channel so you dont have a conflict