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Help needed restoring wireless capabilities on my laptop

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Help needed restoring wireless capabilities on my laptop

I recently reformatted my wireless PC and now cannot seem to use the internet without the use if my Ethernet cable. Before I reformatted my laptop I didn’t need to use my Ethernet cable as everything was wireless. Using the Ethernet cable severely interferes with my landline. Please could you advice how it is possible to restore my wireless settings so that I don’t have to use the Ethernet cable all the time?

I hear there is a BT number that i can call which costs roughly £1.50 per minute. Is that true?

Uttertly Confused

Details please

Can you please provide as much as possible of the following detail-

*PC make and model (or if it's a desktop or laptop at the very least)
*Operating System (normally a version of Microsoft Windows)
*Type of wireless networking card (if known)
*Manufacturer of wireless router (to help us set up your computer to connect to it) and the make if known

Assuming for the moment that you are using Microsoft Windows XP SP2, can you do the following-

Go to "Control Panel", "Network Connections" and double click on "Wireless Network Connection x" if available. The number x may or may not exist- and does vary- so focus on looking for "Wireless Network Connection".

After you've opening the status window for that connection, click on "View Wireless Networks" and see if you can spot your router from that list. If so, click on the router name, and click "Connect". The system will then either connect, or require a network key. If you can't remember this, consult your user guide to see if there's a default- and if not come back to us with the router make/model.

If you did not require a network key to connect, you should REALLY think about getting one- as anyone can connect to and use your internet connection.

If you can't connect or have any other problems, post the error and the above details back in this thread.
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Help needed restoring wireless capabilities on my laptop

Your ethernet connection shouldn't interfere with you internet connection. You are using microfilters on your phone lines aren't you?

Like /lestones has said, please provide more information and especially whether you had any key on the wireless router but suspect you would be better putting a new key in if you can't remember it and duplicate this key when setting up a wireless connection on the PC.

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