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Hardware Compatibility


Hardware Compatibility

Please can someone tell me if the Draytek Vigor 2800VG is compatible with the Plus Net infrastructure.

Thank you
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Hardware Compatibility

Hi and welcome to the forums

You will have no problem at all using the 2800VG on
plusnet apart from possibly the large empty space left
in your wallet when you pay for it Wink

It is an excellent router and also future proofs you
for when (and if) ADSL2+ finally arrives


Hardware Compatibility

Yes, it will work with Plusnet and any other ISP using BT wholesale (or LLU).

I have find it to be an excellent product, although you may like to have a look at the Draytek UK Forum as a number of people have reported poor performance from the 2800 series - particularly if the line is poor.The Forum can be found here:-

Hardware Compatibility

Thank you for the replies, most appreciated.

Beware of cancelation costs

I was looking to cancel my account on the 13th October 2006, because i am moving house. I've now been hit a Deferred Activation Current Cancellation Charge : £47.00 Deferred Hardware (Voyager 105 USB Modem) Current Cancellation Charge : £20.00
With adverts like: Top quality, low-cost broadband Free to leave (not that you'll want to). Very misleading and unclear infomation. Beware

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Hardware Compatibility

You don't have to cancel your account because you move house (unless you're moving outside a BT area of course), and once your initial contracted peiod os over, it is free to leave! This is failrly standard across all ISP's and hardly misleading. As with any contract you have to make sure you read all of the details.