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Good or Bad Wi-Fi Kit

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Registered: 06-08-2007

Good or Bad Wi-Fi Kit

As a "Newbie" having only 42 years of playing with computers...I give the following remarks for all those writers of the "Don't Buy X-Brand Kit".

1. All manufacturers of anything have a percentage of failures.

2. All manufacturers offer a warranty.

3. A warranty is a piece of paper with writing on it.
The worth of the warranty varies quite a bit.

4. All sellers have differing methods of handling duff kit.
Sometimes even a poor seller inadvertently hires a good "Returns" person.
Sometimes good sellers hire poor "Returns" people.

5. Just because you see an over-reaction to a product in the style of....
"Don't buy this make, it's rubbish"...think of the many unwritten emails
from the other satisfied users of the same kit.
Manufacturers really do not want to make faulty kit.

6. Do your homework with the reviews of your favourite PC magazines and
select according.

7. The exponential growth of computer technology means that the
"latest gizmo" is not always the best, due to unseen bugs in the mix.
Any one never experienced a problem with Microsoft or Linux ? Wink