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Getting started with PlusNet


Getting started with PlusNet

I joined PlusNet in November but still haven't managed to activate my account. Customer service is non-existent! Why can't PlusNet even contact me. I have heard about how poor your telephone service is, but now i can't even get an answer from your web-based help team.

Are you still celebrating Christmas or somethingHuhHuhHuhHuhHuhHuh Sad
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Getting started with PlusNet


Seems you're in the wrong part of the forum, however I'd place a bet that your account is activated here as you're able to post in this forum too!

I am assuming that you have tried to raise a ticket in the help and support section and you have had no success so far.

Can you post a ticket number in your reply and I'll see if I can get someone from comms to take a look for you.

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Getting started with PlusNet

Hiya catterson,

I believe you are aware of why the account wasn't processed when you signed by. However, looking at your account I can see that the ticket you raised to us once this was resolved wasn't through the normal Help Assistant route, and the ticket has gone into the Marketing Pool for the Customer Articles competition mentioned in the last newsletter.

I have now escalated the ticket to our Customer Support Centre for actioning.

Hopefully it should be sorted for you soon!