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Detect Wireless Network Access From Router?


Detect Wireless Network Access From Router?

I have recently noticed usernames in my control panel users and passwords appearing. I suspect its someone accessing my wireless network from outside looking at my shares. I want to know if there is a software that will constantly look at the router and check if there are any new users on there. The router has a list of all devices connected to it.

I know this software sounds far off but i want to know if there are any like this out there...

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Detect Wireless Network Access From Router?

What router do you have? Do you have any security enabled on it?


Detect Wireless Network Access From Router?

Indeed, as a minimum you should be looking to password protect your network (rather, KEY protect) with 128bit WEP.

Your should preferable use WPA.

In adition to this, you should look at rotating keys every X days. In laymens terms, changing the access password every so many days, I recomend no more than 30.

Adding monitoring is going to be of little value, if all your going to do is stare at the results.

Protect now, and then react on further entrusions.

You may find that your WiFi point supports SYSLOG. If it does, make use of it.

This is basicly a remote logfile, which you can use to look at what the WiFi point is upto. With a little syslog application and the settings pointed at your system, you can log this data and more.