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DG843G + WG511T problems


DG843G + WG511T problems

I have a DG834G router and a WG511T card installed in my daughter's IBM X31 laptop, running XP-PRO with SP2. After 3 days of use my daughter complains she can no longer connect to the internet.

A quick look at the WG511T wizard shows that an IP address is no longer being assigned to the X31, by DHCP. Nothing was changed both on the router and on the laptop. I use the latest drivers and also the latest firmware release for the DG834G.

The router configuration looks ok, with DHCP enabled and I can connect both my desktop and the X31 to the internet via their ethernet ports, without any problem.

Looking ar the WG511T adapter wizard, I can see that SSID, WEP and the channel number are correctly detected. Whenever I change channel or WEP on the router, the WG551T adapter detects them correctly and shows a signal of nearly 100%.

However, still no IP address is being assigned to the laptop (configured for DHCP) and frankly I am baffled, because there is no obvious reason for it. Using a static address produces no better results. It seems to me that the wireless section of the router is no longer working correctly.

After 4 emails and a phone call to Netgear support, the best advice they could offer was to un-install SP2 and reinstall the WG511T adapter. The first was a very daft piece of advice and the second had been done at least 10 times before I even called them. The router has been defaulted and reconfigured twice.

Any idea as to what it could be?

DG843G + WG511T problems

are you using WPA-PSK?

I have had this problem only the once... I resorted to uninstalling the crappy netgear software and letting windows install the card and drivers itself, and letting windows manage the card. I have always had nothing but trouble with the netgear software.

What you need to do is download the latest software for the 511T (3.9 I think) and somehow extract the raw windows drivers from the software. Then when you install the card just point windows to those drivers.