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DG834Gv2 HEEEELP pse, losing internet,pulling my hair out


DG834Gv2 HEEEELP pse, losing internet,pulling my hair out

Hi All,

I have tried PlustNet and Netgear's support teams, no resolution - I am wondering if someone on the forums could help please.

Plustnet broadband for 2 years now on a wired DG834, no issue.

"upgraded" 10 days ago to DG834Gv2 wireless - am on my 2nd in 10 days as I exchanged the 1st one as I thought it was faulty, 2nd one is doing exactly the same !

I keep losing my internet connection/ADSL Synch. Wireless connections and wired connections to the router are fine, but no internet!

Internet loss is completely random and I am running latest firmware

longest connection uptime since last 10 days has been 6 hours, only way to get internet back once lost is to reboot the router.

There must be something wrong with my settings becuase so many other plusnet users are singing the DG834G's praises.

I have not tweaked or changed any of the default settings apart from setting up my wireless security and disabling SSID advertising (and on Netgear's advice changed MTU from default 1458 to 1400,,but this has not helped so put it back to default)

I would really appreciate any help possible - Any existing DG834Gv2 users out there, with stable internet connection who I could compare settings with Huh

Thank you very much

DG834Gv2 HEEEELP pse, losing internet,pulling my hair out

Hi there,

You have posted the same issue elsewhere. Its never a good idea to cross post as responses can get disjointed and confused.

I am locking this in favour of your other thread.

Hope you understand.