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Computers don't see or talk to each other.


Computers don't see or talk to each other.

I've got a Belkin ADSL Modem and wireless router combined and two computers with Gigabyte wireless adapter cards in them. I can connect to the internet with each computer with no problem, but they don't see or talk to each other. I've run the network setup wizard in XP on each one but no joy. The wireless zero configuration service doesn't start up on either computer unless I start it manualy, so in network connections there are no available wireless networks shown until I do. I've configured the setup wizard several ways, but it makes no difference. I've turned all the firewalls off, including the one in the router and all security is off as far as I know. I've set the network type to ad hoc, and tried configuring the addresses manualy. I'm now stuck and any help would be greatly appreciated.
Regards, John Taylor.

If it's of any help, I'm running XP Pro with service pack 1 and all updates, except service pack 2, on both machines.
Forgot to mention that I have SSDP disabled on both computers.
I can now ping each computer, so, they can obviously see each other, but I still can't get the network wizard to set them up as a network. It runs for about 5 seconds and says it's done, but when I go to network places and select the entire network I get a message saying the the network is unavailable and that there is no server list. Help appreciated very much.
Regards, John Taylor.

Computers don't see or talk to each other.


you can't use the windows Network neighborhood nonsense without some sort of name resolution server be it DNS or WINS or one of the more obscure ones (in fact for XP it'll only understand DNS or WINS) but you can kinda fool it into thinking it's there.


I digress.

you don't need all that "network setup hoohaa",

so you can "ping" each machine from it's mate? good! your on your way

now on each machine, right click on "my computer" go down to "properties" click over to "computer name" click on the button next to "rename this computer or join a domain" in the set of boxes on that screen you'll see a place that you can add a "WORKGROUP" name.

that's the kiddo you want, stick whatever you like in there, BUT make sure it's the same on both machines.


re-boot again


(it takes a while for some silly techy complex bits to happen in the backgroup (arp tables have to timeout (flush) stuff like that, it;s easier just to boot a few times)

NOW! make sure you have something shared on both machines, and now you should be able to start seeing each other in windows network neighborhood.

this is a quick and dirty method, but it does work.

need any help?

PM me.


I have recently bought the Wireless offer from PlusNet (BT Router, PCI card and wireless card for laptop). No problems with Internet access, but not a clue to setting up network, I also failed with XP wizard.

How do I test if I can ping from desktop to laptop please?

Computers don't see or talk to each other.

ok click start then run then in the run box type in "cmd" without the ""
on both machines
a black box opens up, type in "ipconfig /all" without the ""

a whole slew of stuff comes up,

now if you have'nt set anything up on your router/wireless gateway then you should someplace in that mess find something that refers to your ip address

it'll look like "" or something similar,

now from each box at the command prompt type "ping <ip address of the OTHER machine goes here" then hit return,

both addresses need to be in the same subnet otherwise this won't work (unless you have some routing setup someplace, you probably don't)

you'll soon see if it's worked or not.