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Complete Newbie


Complete Newbie


I am interested in going wireless and have read a fair few of the posts on here and am no further forward!!!!

I have a laptop with a Centrino Chip and currently use the standard binatone modem plusnet gave me years ago......

I also have a Belkin ADSL modem with Wireless-G Router (54 mbps / 2.4ghz wireless) which I was given yesterday, however when I tried to install it, it appears you have to connect the modem to my laptop with a wire?

So basically, how can I use this wireless router, do I need some sort of wireless network card?

I am a bit behind with the times so apologies for this question!


Complete Newbie

You dont need to connect with a wire but it makes life a lot simpler if you do. Connect with a cable and setup the router add your username/password etc and get it to connect to the internet.

Once you have done that setup the wireless side of the router.

You can now remove the wire and you should be able to find the router with the software on your pc and connect. Once you get that working you may then want to setup WEP on the router and laptop for protection but get it working first.

You dont need the cable once its setup but keep it handy as it connects better with the cable for making changes

Complete Newbie

Thanks for reply.

I assume from what you are saying that I don't need a wireless network card? Having the Centrino chip in my laptop negates this?

Thanks again.

Complete Newbie

The Centrino chip will certainly allow you to connect wirelessly.

One thing to note with them though, is that they are sometimes responsible for rate limiting the wireless link speed to save power.

If you will be using it plugged into the mains, the power saving options should switch themselves off, equally this is something that can be done manually.

Personally I bought a wireless usb dongle (about £20) rather than use the Centrino one in my last laptop because it was easier - if it was plugged in it was working on full power, if it wasn't it wasn't using any power!