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Channel 4 On Demand Service


Channel 4 On Demand Service

Does anybody know how to set up the Channel 4 on demand service?

When i run the set up download from channel 4 it works fine until i try to download something the program assumes i am not in the UK and doesnt let me download.

According to the channel 4 help pages this is due to the program using geo-blocking software to detect where the pc is located and if you are in the UK and see this fault then you need to contact your ISP.

But as usual you can't get through for hours on the phone to Plusnet so I thought i'd see if anyone on here knows how to tweek this thing.

Thanks for any help, much appreciated.


Channel 4 On Demand Service

your problem may stem from the fact that your computer settings may be set to the american
standards and therfore,the severs at c4 will not recognize your computer residing in the uk......just a thought.
hope you get it sorted.
gaz Cheesy
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Channel 4 On Demand Service

It detects it by IP Address and a few of our customers (and indeed customers of other ISPs) have complained that Channel 4 does not correctly recognise all ISP IP addresses yet.

You could try contacting their networks / support team to let them know and that may prompt them to add us in. But the issue is at their end and nothing to do with using a local proxy or American settings or similar.

Channel 4 On Demand Service

For sure, I get blocked from viewing certain shows because I am in the UK.