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Caravan and camping site

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Caravan and camping site

Hi all

Has anyone had any experence of how to setup wireless broadband on a campsite?

I now you can creat a cd with the details on to automatically configure the setup for the punters. Is it worth using mac filtering to stop unauthorised access for those who have not paid?

What would be the best way to stop people hogging all the limited bandwidth?

Thanks in advance


Caravan and camping site

You can get a gateway which lets you issue usernames and paswords and restrict bandwidth etc. It does all you want in one box. When users first conect they have to put in the username password in IE.

You can set up groups as well so you can give different access to users based on time etc.

A cheap option is to use a proxy server which can do the same as the gateway.
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Caravan and camping site

Take a look here;

That seams a good simple way of running a public hotspot.

At the end of the day it how much time or money you are prepared to invest.