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Can't connect to wireless network


Can't connect to wireless network

I have just bought a new laptop and Belkin FSD7632-4 modem/router. For a few hours I was able to connect to the Internet wirelessly. Then the Internet connection was lost. I tried re-entering settings via the page but this didn't work. The wireless connection then disappeared. I don't have a manual for the Belkin - can anyone help?
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Can't connect to wireless network


I think "FSD7632-4" should read "F5D7632-4" because I couldn't find anything for what you listed.

On the "Belkin" site they list a couple of versions for "F5D7632-4", so you will need to choose the one that is right for you.
Have a look on this page > Click here

Can't connect to wireless network

The most obvious thing to do is check the lights on the router- are any lit? Particularly the wireless connection light. Are you able to connect to the router via ethernet?

If you do have a spare ethernet cable, and the lights are lit, try disabling your wifi, plugging into the router, and using the web config tool via to find out what your problem is.

If you're able to connect to the internet using a network cable into your router then the router is probably alright, and it's most likely a configuration issue.

Check to see if wireless is enabled on the router, if your SSID is visible and that you're actually attempting to connect to the right access point. Ensure that MAC address filtering and encryption (WEP/WPA) are temporarily switched off.

On the laptop itself, turn the wireless card back on, look at the wireless access points in range and check if neighbouring access points are using the same channel. If so then you might want to consider switching to a less crowded part of the spectrum (this is done on the router- consult your manual). Also look at checking if the wireless card is correctly installed from Device Manager (found under "System" in the "Control Panel" on Windows XP SP2), is enabled (look under "Network Connections" from "Control Panel") and that you're using the right IP range if you've manually configured this.

If you can't be bothered with any of that, just find the reset switch on the back of the router, press it in for a few seconds with a pen and start from scratch.