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Belkin wireless pre-n- mimo


Belkin wireless pre-n- mimo

hello folks just got myself a new belkin pre-n- modem router and a wireless net work card.
Got to ask advice here about security , i know this may sound silly but if i do not set up password or what ever its called 128 bit ?? or other security that i dont understand.
I know it will be possale for other wi fi users in my block of flats to gain access to my internet but if they do , will that go towrds my usage as they are using my internet, hope it makes sence to someone .
and the last bit , what security would you advice the book says wpa-psk or tkip?? would be better what do you folks think

Belkin wireless pre-n- mimo

The very 1st thing you should do is setup security on the router as yes, others using your connection WILL go towards your usage figures. Not to mention the obvious security risks if you are using Windows!

Go for WPA and set up a very strong pass key on it. Something with uppercase, lowercase and numbers is best. And try to use a word which isnt in the dictionary.

If I find an unsecured AP anywhere the first thing I try is sequential numbers or by using a combination of Netstumber and Packetyzer find the default for the AP type and try those.

You wouldnt believe how many unsecured APs I found at one development of new flats!!! I sat in the car and managed to access the Internet on at least 60% before I got bored.

So security is a MUST, or if you want send me your address and I'll sit outside on p2p for a bit :lol:

wireless security

Thank you for the advice
I will sort it first thing in the morning
soyou think wpa not the 128 bit set up ? or is it the same thing


I had to go with the 128 bit could not understand the wpa part, unless someone can email me a simple way to do the wpa as i read it , it woul dbe a better one to have.
Email is fine folks if your willing to help this poor sod in understanding what is what lol